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  whispering acres Welcome to Whispering Acres!

At Whispering Acres Carlos Tabernaberri works through the eyes of the horse to achieve the calmness, softness, responsiveness and self carriage that is drawing increasing numbers of dressage, eventing, endurance and western specialists to join the legions of pleasure riders who want to develop the skill to work with their horses through understanding, not force. Carlos starts, trains and rehabilitates horses the gentle way, establishing cooperation through clear communication, understanding and trust to ensure improved performance and versatility, regardless of your preferred discipline.

"As a trainer and educator, my focus is on the horses and people with whom I work to establish a foundation that will help them achieve their full potential. We should not be divided by discipline; we should be united by good horsemanship."

"Regardless of what we call it – natural, Western or English-style horsemanship – I truly believe there should be simply good horsemanship, which is about consistently considering the horse’s wellbeing first and foremost."

In addition, we provide riding instruction to help you develop this foundation with your own horse, and conduct regular clinics around Australia and internationally, that focus on safety and confidence for both horse and rider.

Therefore our motto; 'Help Ever, Hurt Never'.
book and dvd covers If you'd like to read more about Carlos' two double-disc DVD sets in the Through the eyes of the horse series Trust – Obedience – Respect and Understanding – Under Saddle, or his best-selling book, Through the eyes of the horse: Common Ground – Common Goals, click here
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