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Carlos Challa day 4 If you want to experience a horsemanship clinic with a difference, this is it. There’s plenty of information and just as much saddle (and bareback) time. The number of riding participants is limited to ensure maximum benefit for all. Spectators are always welcome and actively included.

A clinic with Carlos covers topics such as horse psychology; body language; trust and unity; partnership; developing awareness, feel, balance and self-carriage; bitless riding and much more. Clinic participants are also invited to put forward their own areas of interest or concern, such as trailer loading, bucking, rearing, handling feet or fear of riding that we address in the clinic context.

Regardless of whether you are new to horses or experienced, whether you currently own a horse or not, these clinics emphasise the importance of understanding between you and your horse in order to form a lifelong partnership based on trust and non-violence.
For your convenience, we can also hold private clinics, in a variety of formats (eg one day, two-day, five-day) anywhere in Australia or internationally, by arrangement. Clinic dates are limited because of Carlos’ training commitments. Horsemanship clinic participant numbers are also limited to ensure maximum benefit for all, but fence sitters are always welcome and actively included. Be sure to book early to guarantee a place!

"If you want unity with your horse, learn to ride and handle him the way he wants to be ridden and handled." Carlos
2018 Clinics
New Clinic dates are being added regularly as they are confirmed, so please check back regularly! Also check our Facebook page for information and pictures about recent clinics. For details of upcoming clinics at Whispering Acres, please email whisperingacres@bigpond.com. If you would like to organise a clinic in your area, please contact Carlos directly. There is plenty of assistance to help you do it.
15-27 – Clinics, Circle Z Ranch, Patagonia, Arizona, United States. Contact: Diana Nash, diana@circlez.com
8-12 – 5 day clinic, Ross, Tasmania. Contact: Angie Howard, angiehoward@bigpond.com, ph 0407 576 061
16-18 – 1 day private clinic, 2 day clinic, Wiltin, NSW. Contact: Elizabeth Testone, budz1305@tpg.com.au
23-25 – 1 day private clinic, 2 day clinic, Christchurch, New Zealand. Contact: Ingrid Gumby, ingrid@potent.co.nz
27-30 – 3 day clinic, Showfields Equestrian Centre, Hampton Downs, Meremere, New Zealand. Contact: Sam, carlosclinicshowfields@gmail.com, ph +64 211 259 484 or Sandy, ph +64 211 566 665
31-April 2 – 2 day clinic, 1 day private lessons, Auckland, New Zealand. Contact: Bee McKay, bex.mckay21@gmail.com
12-15 – 1 day private lessons, 1 day introductory clinic, 2 day advanced clinic, Denmark, WA. Contact: Dr Lisa Clarke, therovingvet@gmail.com
20-22 – 1 day private lessons, 2 day clinic, Bunbury, WA. Contact: Nina Fischer,
28-29 – 2 day clinic, Hiawatha, VIC. Contact: Anna Feeley, ph 0417 536 873
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