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The 'whisper' is being heard everywhere!

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Carlos honoured with Australia’s 2012 Quest Equitarian Award
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Focus These brochures, featured at Equitana, explain important concepts behind Carlos’ work. Click on the cover images to read more.
Focus and beliefs shape the outcome with your horse: limited beliefs will get you limited results.

Give to your horse before asking,
and you are well on the way to being the confident, consistent and kind leader your horse needs to give you the trust, obedience and respect necessary for a successful relationship.
Become Become what you want
your horse to be.

Become calm. Become consistent. Become confident.
Save the Brumbies

NBN News Reports On Clinic With Carlos Tabernaberri

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Save the Brumbies logo Click here to find about more about the Save the Brumbies (a NSW-based charity) – and how you can help.  
Brumbies Australia’s brumbies deserve better – New YouTube video from whispering acres
Wild horses are under threat around the world. While many wonderful organisations work tirelessly to find them sponsors or people to adopt them, so many more of these beautiful horses are captured and sent for pet food or, worse, shot for sport or for financial gain from specific body parts. Brumbies have no voice except the one given to them by people who care.
The Horse Listener The Horse Listener (The Age, 2/4/07)
No saddle, no bit, no bridle, no stirrups: Carlos Tabernaberri takes five-year-old Sai, an Appaloosa cross, through a session at his property, Whispering Acres. View the article by clicking the left image.

Horse Listener lends kind ear to those in pain (The Age, 20/4/07)
Carlos Tabernaberri, above with Jester, has rehabilitated the traumatised horses. View the article by clicking the right image.
A Kind Ear
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